Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Left index finger, Right index finger

I am back here again. Sleep dazed afternoon after a 22-hour flight through Frankfurt with Warsteiner beer, chicken lunch, coffee and Baileys. This fancy new terminal with vast walk throughs and going down escalators that lead you down a deep chasm of a new promise of dawn for some and just a bunch of engagement marks, phone numbers on my calendar. A curt man behind the counter stamps my immigration with a St. Peter professionalism. Shiny new baggage claim carousel with the Germans on the banks cursing being there in there jagged lubricant spit-air tongue and beagles sniffing out African salted meat and Indian pickles. I just landed in Dallas-Fortworth, Texas.

I am in the land where there is an overdose of CNN, a similar serving of Public Broadcast and a plenty of stupidity in the governance to feed it all. I am here for the next fortnight and am hoping to post enough meat to collectively complain about this massive dysfunctional pretentious machine called United States of America.

I am back here again.
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